Pupil Voice

Head Boy and Head Girl

The school elects a Head Boy and Head Girl from Year 6 each year. The Head Boy and girl assist the Head Teacher at awards assemblies, event evenings and school concerts.

This year the Head Girl is Katy-May and the Head Boy is Edwin

The Vice Head Girl is Daria and the Vice Head Boy is Jude

Academy Council Representatives

Our school have an active pupil voice with representatives from Year 1 to Year 6. They hold class council meetings each week and conduct their own council meeting every 2 weeks. The academy councilmeets with Mrs. Stocking, the Executive Head Teacher, every month to discussissues and developments.

The school council hold their own budget and fund raise throughout the year by engaging the academy in a variety of activities. These funds are used to purchase equipment for the school that will help to enrich the children’s learning.

Our class representatives are:

  • Year 1 MB - Alex
  • Year 1 LS - Mia
  • Year 2 KN - Joshua
  • Year 2 JD - Lexi
  • Year 3 NP - Amelia
  • Year 3 JE - Isabella
  • Year 4 PM - Danielle
  • Year 4 AB - Alice
  • Year 5 BC - Amelia
  • Year 5 TB - Maddie
  • Year 6 EM - Darcy
  • Year 6 AN - Joshua