At our academy, we believe in promoting positive behaviour so that all children are able to reach their full potential and set themselves challenges to stretch and develop their skills. Our academy rules link to the British Values which underpin all that we work towards each day. These are displayed in all classrooms and children are able to describe what actions they should take to follow each rule.

Children who follow these rules consistently will be rewarded with:

  • Positive praise - verbally.
  • Raffle tickets.
  • Golden time – children earn golden time during the week which they receive on a Friday afternoon.
  • Stickers – in class, lunchtimes, headteachers etc.
  • Celebration of achievements with headteacher or a member of SLT every Friday morning.
  • Every term there is an award assembly, parents are invited to this and we celebrate children who have made progress and who have made a positive class contribution. The children receive a book and a trophy.
  • Plus, a head teacher’s special award for outstanding achievement.
  • Attendance award for best class annually.
  • Best dressed class.

If a child misbehaves during the day a verbal warning will be given. We will ensure that the child understands why their behaviour was inappropriate. They will be asked to make a positive behaviour choice with clear consequences agreed with the child.

Should a consequence need to be put into place for an individual, this will progress through the following:

  • Yellow/red cards – verbal warning once then yellow card, twice the red card (lose 5 minutes golden time).
  • Study club to reflect on behaviour.
  • Miss all or part of golden time.
  • Spend time on the thinking chair.
  • Letter of apology.
  • Contact with parents, class teacher to contact, if the behaviour does not improve then the phase leader to contact and meet with parents. If behaviour persists AHT to arrange a meeting with parents and if necessary Head teacher to meet with parents.
  • Child to receive a red stamp in their reading diary for parents to clearly see that their child’s behaviour needs to improve.
  • Involve a member of SLT or the safeguarding officer. Contact parents. Persistent misbehaviour may warrant an IEP for behaviour and referral to SENCo and other agencies.
  • If the child’s behaviour puts themselves or others at risk then withdraw from class and involve a member of the SLT or safeguarding officer. If it is not possible to withdraw the child, withdraw the rest of the class and ask for assistance.
  • Children presenting with particular difficulties in conforming to acceptable behaviour will have an action plan and /or behaviour contract drawn up with their parents which all parties sign up to and which have clear consequences.
  • Any behaviour issues will be logged in the class, SLT or lunchtime record over time books. This enables all behaviour issues to be logged and tracked.

It is always our aim to promote positive choices with your child in order to ensure all-round successful outcomes. We actively promote working alongside parents/carers as we strive for all children to have fulfilling learning experiences. Should you have any queries, please speak to your child’s class teacher.